Michael Horton

  • A large part of his career was in consumer and business finance. Mike retired as a Director of First National Bank Plc after 30 years service. As New Business Director, Mike was responsible for making FNB the largest provider of consumer finance for timeshare sales. During this time Mike was a founding director of First National Trustee Company.

    After retiring from the FNB Mike then helped to establish Continental Trustees Limited, and during this period the company established itself as a major player and included the Anfi group amongst its portfolio of clients.

    After a short sabbatical Mike with Andrew established Resort Fiduciary Services Limited with the aim of ensuring their clients received a first class services and reasonable costs.

Managing Director
Andrew Horton

  • Began his working career in the Insurance industry, and then moved into the finance industry for 8 years.

    He then joined Continental Trustees, and was introduced to the world of timeshare; he held several positions within the company, which gave him an insight into the industry. After 7 years with Continental he decided to leave the company.

    He then consulted for an American software company that specialised in timeshare sales and resort management.

    He was then contacted by a number of individuals in the industry and with Mike started Resort Fiduciary Services Ltd.

Jennie Thompson

  • Educated in England her early business career spanned the medical profession and then the commercial world gaining experience concerning company administration.

    Moving to the offshore financial centre of the Isle of Man in 1987 she commenced working for a private company specialising in company and trust formation and management before being appointed a director of IFG International Ltd in1990.

    The acquisition of First National Trustee Company Limited, allowed the company to expand and she was appointed Managing Director. She worked with the Isle of Man Government to ensure that the Island had strong and acceptable legislation.