Since commencing the business a number of years ago RFS has made continuing growth and its list of clients increases year on year. RFS is currently handling business in Europe, China & the Far East and Africa. We closely guard our reputation of providing a cost effective range of services delivered in a timely manner. What do our services cost? This much depends on what you require us to do. However, before making a decision as to whom you should give your business please ask us for a quotation. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

This service is the provision of securing a lease or whole title in order to protect the asset of a resort or complex. It may be land or land and buildings and the method of security has to comply with local land law and legislation. RFS secures the asset for the use of the members or beneficiaries and protects the right of use for the length of the Trust. This service includes the administration and control of the title/holding companies, compliance with appropriate applicable local law and the Trust Deed.

RFS will supply the services and security as custodian trustee but also include the administration of a member’s register (whether it is points or straight membership) and the issuing of membership certificates. RFS regulate and monitor Points based Clubs to ensure sufficient inventory and points are available to be sold. The receipt and the release of monies are done in accordance with stakeholder agreements or escrow requirements ensuring all parties are paid in a timely fashion.

This service covers the receipt and checking of application forms, purchase contracts and when the sale is completed entering the members details and purchase history on the Register. RFS ensures there is compliance with Data Protection Law in the relevant country and the updating of the Register in relation to changes of members personal details, such as change of address, or in their personal circumstances for example a change in their marital status.
RFS can arrange for the formation and administration of companies in various jurisdictions, based on what is applicable to the clients’ corporate structure. Where the jurisdiction allows RFS will act as the officers of the, Company and provide all the administration relating to the filing of Annual Returns, Accounts and all other secretarial duties as required. These duties may have to be undertaken by an appointed agent depending on the jurisdiction of the company.

This service entails the receipt, reconciliation and distribution of all sales monies in compliance with the UK’s Anti Money Laundering legislation, the applicable timeshare law in the jurisdiction of the resort or transaction and the escrow / stakeholder agreement.
Multi currency accounts are available through RFS’s bankers. However to assist in the provision of an efficient service to its clients, it may be possible for RFS to open accounts in the home country of the resort or that of the client.
RFS generates reports and information for its clients on a daily or weekly basis which means that the client is fully aware of the financial position.
This service is important as it gives confidence to all parties involved in the development or management of a resort and sales, indeed any transaction as all parties are secure in knowing that they will be paid in a timely fashion.

This service includes the issuing of management fee invoices to the members, under instruction of the resort management based on their database.
The collection of monies is done by credit card, direct debit or bank transfer.
RFS provides a full reconciliation of accounts and disbursements to applicable parties is done as agreed with the client or management under a stakeholder agreement.
Reports as required are sent to the resort or management company. This means a better control of budgets and cash flow and reducing the administration costs.
This service is applicable to any multi member structure, such as golf clubs, managed communities and private schools.

RFS through its multiple currency credit card service can provide facilities for the collection of administration fees, annual management fees and rental payments.

Using RFS’s directors many years experience in the leisure and finance industry RFS offers consultation in relation to the structure of new resorts and associated products.
All new ventures require expertise and advice in order to be successful and RFS is there to guide and work with the client and the clients own advisers, to achieve a profitable result.
Existing business ventures may also require assistance as the modern world does not remain static. With the client RFS can examine the business and advice on a future strategy, which is beneficial to all parties. Whilst RFS does not give tax or legal advice it is able to work with either the clients own advisers or introduce strategic alliance companies that work with RFS to give clients the service they demand.